Free on iOS and Android!

Harness your agility and staff wielding skills to beat endless waves of star-throwing ninjas. Master your precision and reflexes to move up in the ranks and unlock belts! Ninjevade is free, addictive, crazy fast, super simple, and totally ad free! Plus there’s ninjas.

Choose Your Character and Play Style!
Monk: BoStaff wielding, straw hat wearing warrior who jumps crazy high
Wizard: Vanishes to evade ninja stars and make his enemies look like fools
Gentleman: Punches ninja stars with HIS BARE FISTS
Robo: Talks smack, and whacks ninja stars with his trusty foam finger

Kick-Butt Features
● 4 Themes, each with their own animations, sounds, and secrets: Day, Night, Rain, and Space!
● Leaderboards: Earn a top spot and become a legendary ‘Black Belt’
● Achievements: Unlock by earning high ranked belts and executing awesome techniques
● Pixel Art: Bask in aesthetically pleasing, simple, pixely atmospheres.

How To Play
● ‘Deflect’ when 1 star is thrown at you. If you evade the star, prepare to deflect another at an unpredictable time and speed.
● ‘Evade’ when 2 stars are thrown at you
● 1 point is awarded for every ninja you defeat
● Earn new belts by achieving high scores!
● Stick to it!

Unlockable Belts
0 – 4: White
5 – 9: Yellow
10 – 19: Orange
20 – 39: Green
40 – 69: Blue
70 – 99: Purple
100 – 139: Brown
140 – 199: Red
200 +: Black

What The Internet Thinks
● “an easy 5 out of 5.” –
● “This game is graphically sound and pitch perfect.” –
● “Ninjevade’s simple and catchy game style is addicting and fun” –
● “Gráficos estilosos” –