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Choose or create a workout, press play, and let the app train you in this customizable workout log and timer.

Create your own or choose from pre-loaded workouts. Add Exercises to your workouts. Establish the amount of TIME to complete a set along with the amount of SETS, REPS, and WEIGHT per exercise.

Press PLAY to let the app tell you what to do so you can think less and do more. The app shows you the TIME, SETS, REPS, and WEIGHT for each exercise. Audio cues will play to notify to let the user know when a set is about to end, and when a new set or exercise begins. EVERYTHING is timed. This allows you to maximize your time in the gym while knowing exactly what time you’ll be finished with your workout with 321FIT’s one of a kind ETA display.

Log your progress before, during, or after a workout, so you can strive for more next workout!

Can I listen to other music apps while using 321FIT?
You bet ya!

Is there a rest timer?
The SEC/SET value represents both the time you will take to complete a set AND the time you allocate to rest. That way there is only one place you need to enter time.

I have ideas and feedback! Who can I tell???
Email me 🙂 M@ttBurton.com

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